GHMP Videos support World Diabetes Day education focus

In recognition of World Diabetes Day (November 14), we are delighted to announce that our entire Diabetes Series of 34 videos is complete. We are now rolling out the final videos.

About 10% of adults worldwide have type 2 diabetes, and nearly half of those have not yet been diagnosed. Approximately 75% of adults with type 2 diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries. Our Diabetes Series helps meet the huge need for the basic education for those people who are living at risk, people with diabetes, and also frontline health workers.

These videos are a great fit for this year’s World Diabetes Day campaign. The campaign is focused on access to information that can help people understand this disease, know their risks, know when to seek care, and how to care for themselves.

The videos are available on our website for streaming and download and on YouTube. The full set of videos will soon be available in French and Spanish.

Global Health Media Project is proud to support the global movement to prevent and provide better care of diabetes with short, practical teaching videos that can help turn the tide on this all too common chronic and devastating disease.

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