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The Story of Cholera to help in the Philippines

a13-latrineFour million people were made homeless by the typhoon that hit the Philippines this month and are at increased risk of contracting waterborne diseases such as cholera. Cholera is endemic there and a lack of safe drinking water, poor sanitation, and crowded conditions make the region ripe for an outbreak. (Read story.)

Recognizing the value of having the The Story of Cholera available in Tagalog—the national language of the Philippines—Carole Parker (GHMP Board member) immediately responded by organizing the effort in the San Francisco Bay area. Read more.

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Global Health Media Project presents at APHA meeting

a14-APHAlogoPeter Cardellichio spoke on “Improving training in low-resource settings with clinical videos” at the APHA annual meeting held in Boston on November 2–6. Peter discussed why our videos are needed, what makes them unique, how they are used in training, and some of the successes we’ve had so far in reaching frontline health workers. More than 12,000 public health professionals attended this year’s meeting to discuss new research and strategies to address leading health challenges. APHA’s annual meeting is the largest public health meeting in the world.

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