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Breathing Problems video clip on Nigerian TV

tojuA chest indrawing demonstration from our Breathing Problems video was recently shown on national TV in Nigeria. The clip (available HERE) was shown on The HealthZone, a TV health program focused on basic health education, which made its debut on Channels TV on April 1 with a show on pneumonia. Channels TV is the number one rated TV station in Nigeria, broadcasting to over 20 million people.

From the HealthZone website:  “The HealthZone is a 30-minute television health magazine program that focuses on the delivery of health education on the most common ailments affecting the Nigerian population in simple terms that anyone can understand. … The HealthZone builds health awareness and educates the public on identifying potential health danger signs; illness prevention; disease control and when to seek medical help.”

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Newborn survival focus of Bangladesh workshop

a17-globalbabyNew teaching materials on care of small babies are being introduced at the Helping Babies Survive workshop in Bangladesh. Our upcoming video series will complement the Essential Care for Small Babies curriculum, providing live-action footage to help health workers learn and remember best-practice care in low-resource settings for these vulnerable babies. We are collaborating with the producers of this global program, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other members of the Survive and Thrive Global Development Alliance (see announcement HERE).

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