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Caring for a Small Baby at Birth

Our three newest videos address the care of a small baby at birth. A small baby’s birth often can be predicted so Preparing for Birth shows how to prepare for their special needs. Since small babies are at risk of problems, Classifying the Small Baby at Birth shows how to classify a baby to determine the further care that is needed. Providing Essential Care at Birth shows the steps of caring for small babies with special attention to warmth and breathing.

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Special challenges in breastfeeding small babies

Babies born too young or too small lack the strength and coordination to effectively suck and swallow. We have developed a set of videos that show and explain key practices that can help small babies on their feeding journey from feeding tube to cup to breast. Two of the videos, intended for health workers, help them support and guide mothers: A Small Baby’s Feeding Journey and Breastfeeding the Small Baby. The third video, Breastfeeding Your Small Baby, is adapted for mothers. This video shows mothers breastfeeding practices to meet the needs of their small or preterm babies.

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Helping mothers care for their small or preterm babies

Two of the three videos we have just released on caring for small babies are focused on helping mothers: How to Express Your First Milk and Cup Feeding Your Small Baby. The third video—Expressing the First Milk—shows health workers how to teach this important skill to mothers.

Of the 25+ videos in the Small Baby Series, five are designed specifically for mothers. The series shows the key practices that health workers and mothers need to know to care for small babies in resource-constrained settings. The remaining videos will become available—three at a time—over the next month or so.

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