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We create teaching videos to help frontline health workers learn skills and practices that improve health care and health outcomes throughout the world, especially in low-resource and underserved communities. We also create teaching videos for community members:  mothers, caregivers, and women and their partners. Extraordinary amounts of time, effort, care and medical expertise go into the creation of each Global Health Media Project video.

All of our videos can be watched on our website so that they are easily accessible and widely available for personal, non-commercial use.

To download our videos, however, you need first to register. As explained on our registration page, we have two groups of video users:  individuals and organizations. Individuals who would like to use our videos for personal learning may download them at no charge. Organizations that earn revenue or who have funding (including individuals who are teaching or training, or engaged in commercial activities) need a license to download our videos. As explained below, the license has a nominal annual fee, although organizations in low-resource countries with the highest maternal and newborn mortality rates may be eligible for this license at no charge. Our licensing is done on the honor system – we trust our users to respect these terms. Licensing fees from organizations help support our mission, sustain our work, and extend our impact.

Copyright and Use of Our Videos

This site and its content are protected by copyright. All videos on this site are copyrighted by Global Health Media Project, with the exception of the Nutrition Series which is copyrighted by UNICEF. All videos are available to use solely for educational purposes.

The videos must be used “in whole” and not altered, modified, or changed in any way (changes include overlays of text, logos, or other messages). If you would like to alter, adapt or edit the videos in any way (including translation, narration, or partial use), please contact Global Health Media Project at globalhealthmediaproject@gmail.com for written permission and a special license. For permissions related to the videos in the Nutrition Series, please contact nutrition@unicef.org. Any unauthorized use of these videos is prohibited. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Video downloads. If you would like to download our videos, you will need to register. Specific terms of use for those downloading our videos depend on the user group and type of license (see registration page for details). In general, individuals may download our videos at no charge for their personal learning. Organizations that earn revenue or receive funding from external sources pay a small annual fee. You are not allowed to upload any of the videos on this site to your own website, YouTube channel, Vimeo, social media websites, or other public or private platforms.

Video streaming. Our videos are available for streaming on our website for your personal use for non-commercial purposes. Streaming videos to show them to a group of people or for commercial purposes is not permitted.

Licensing for Video Downloaders

Our licensing system is designed so that organizations that earn revenue or receive program funding (and individuals engaged in commercial activities) pay a small fee to download our videos and help support our work. These uses are generally considered commercial uses because they help your organization financially (by helping you earn money, or reduce your own costs for developing or licensing other training materials). Commercial uses can be direct (for example, using videos in a class that you charge people to attend) or indirect (for example, using videos in staff training or patient education). Being a nonprofit does not necessarily mean that your use is non-commercial – commercial use depends on the use, not the user.

Organizations in countries with the highest maternal and newborn mortality rates (see list) are eligible for a license at no cost if they do not directly charge for their educational services (for example, Ministries of Health, public hospitals, and public universities). Private sector institutions and businesses in these countries that charge for their services must pay for a license. We also ask international NGOs that receive grants or other funding to train in these countries to kindly pay for a license to use our videos. As you would with any other course or teaching materials, add our licensing fees to your budget; however, if it is not possible to fund the license through the program, please contact us if you wish to have the fee waived.

If you have any questions about licensing, please ask. We are a small nonprofit, and funds from licenses are used exclusively for the continued development of high-quality health care teaching videos for worldwide use. The videos in the Nutrition Series may not be used commercially under any circumstances.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The videos available on this website are provided as a learning aid only. They are provided for educational, informational, and non-commercial purposes. The information in these videos is not a substitute for medical judgment, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Global Health Media Project does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the information in these videos. The videos and their content are provided on an “as is” basis, without express and implied warranties and representations of any kind including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, title, and noninfringement.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Global Health Media Project, its directors, officers, employees, contractors, volunteers, affiliates, agents, or representatives be liable for any damages, loss, or injury, including, without limitation, any incidental, direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, special, punitive, multiple or other indirect damages, including lost profits, arising out of or relating to the use of the videos and content available on this website, whether based upon warranty, infringement, contract, tort, statute, strict liability, or otherwise. Users and viewers assume all responsibility and risk for the use of the videos and content.