Our first 10 newborn care videos have been reviewed by many global content experts and the responses have been very positive.  The videos are ready for field-testing among frontline health workers, and more than 20 members of CHILD2015* and GANM** have expressed interest in participating.  The countries represented include Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, South Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic, India, and Micronesia.  The field-testing will be conducted through focus groups of health workers and guided by questions provided by the Global Health Media Project.  After we gather the feedback, we will complete final edits and expect to release the videos on our website this spring.

*   CHILD2015: Child Healthcare Information for All by 2015, whose goal is that every child worldwide will have access to an informed healthcare provider by 2015.
**  GANM:  Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery