First Foods for Young Children is now available in Yoruba—the third most popular native language in Nigeria with over 30 million speakers—at this link. Over 40% of Nigerian children under five suffer from stunting (impaired growth and development often due to poor nutrition), while over 5% suffer from severe acute malnutrition (see UNICEF). These films have already been narrated in Hausa, the most popular native language in Nigeria spoken by more than 60 million.

“First Foods”—produced in collaboration with UNICEF—is a collection of 17 videos (for both health workers and caregivers) that provide key messages on when, what, and how to feed young children from ages 6 months to 2 years. Nigeria was one of the countries where these videos were filmed, along with Kenya and Nepal. The blending of footage from these diverse settings should make the videos useful teaching tools in low-resource areas around the world.