Full Version of The Story of Coronavirus – now live!

The final version of The Story of Coronavirus has just been released. Part 1 showed how coronavirus is spread and how we can protect ourselves and those around us. The “rest of the story” shows how to stay safe while caring for a sick family member at home.

By making the invisible coronavirus visible, this animation can help people immediately grasp how easily the disease is transmitted. These visual messages can help people better understand how to protect themselves while out in the community and at home.

The Story of Coronavirus was developed in collaboration with award-winning animator Yoni Goodman. The content was reviewed by experts from CDC, IFRC and UNICEF. Part 1 (released in November 2020) has more than 10 million views and, as of today, is available in 30 languages.

We are grateful for the generous funding from TEPHINET, Latter-day Saint Charities, IFRC and our individual and family donors.

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