Teaching Videos to Help Improve Midwifery Care

The theme for this year’s “International Day of the Midwife 2021” (celebrated on May 5) is: “Follow the Data: Invest in Midwives”. Education and training are essential investments in improving the quality of midwifery care.

Global Health Media Project has produced a comprehensive set of teaching videos around the time of birth that can play an important role in this education and training. Our collection of 50 live-action videos bring to life skills and practices for the safe and effective care of birthing women. Filmed in maternities in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, these videos feature local midwives providing best-practice care for woman during all phases of childbirth, and include footage of rare events such as newborn resuscitation, breech birth, and stuck shoulders.

The videos are available on our website and are narrated in English, French and Spanish. Selected videos are available in other languages. They are being used worldwide to teach midwives and other skilled birth attendants.

Many of the videos will be featured in the WHO Midwifery Education Toolkit, and have been included in Yale’s global online course, Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care.

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